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Not all Molds are Dangerous

When it comes to mold, there are many different types and many different species that all can affect a person differently.  Even so much that each mold can affect each person differently than the person next to them.

There are 3 main types of mold; allergenic, toxigenic, and infectious.

Allergenic which is the most common type of mold, with a wide range of problems in can cause to someone whom is exposed to it, especially if for a long period of time.  Hay Fever is the most common complication from exposure to allergenic mold, however it can also heighten the symptoms of even tissue diseases.

Toxigenic molds are far apart from that of Allergenic.  They release toxins when ingested or inhaled which can cause major complications.  The most commonly known toxigenic mold is what they call in the media, “Black Mold”, which is actually called Stachybotrys, and is only one of many species of “Black Mold”.

The last but most potentially dangerous is that of the infectious molds.  Infectious molds are those that can especially harm those with compromised immune systems, such as being sick already or a weakened immune system do a factor such as certain cancers, the elderly, very young, and those in drug therapy.

Some species of mold are faster growing than others, and are warning signs of a larger problem that may be happening.  Such as molds that are considered indicator molds, like Cladosporium, which is a tell-tale sign of a water damage problem.

Although not all molds are alike, many if not all of them can be of detriment to one’s health so if you have suspicion of a problem with mold in your home, please call an expert.

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