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Sacramento Mold Inspection

IR Environmental is the leading environmental inspection and remediation solution in the Sacramento area. Whether you are looking to test a spot on your wall that may be black mold, or are looking for clearance on a home for any airborne contaminants, we are here to help. Our services cover a wide range of environmental problems that can arise in homes and businesses.

No matter what area of Sacramento you are from, we can be there to ease your mind. Our certified personnel are here to answer any of your questions from large to small in order to make sure all of your needs are met.

Looking for Signs of Mold

Are you wondering if you have a water or mold problem? Here are some quick tips for looking for signs and symptoms of potential issues within the home or building.

1. Check for active leaks around the home. If there are any, then depending on how long the leak has been going on, you could have a problem with mold and need an inspection to confirm it.

2. Take a look at the walls in the home: Are there any moist areas or parts that look to be discolored or bowing out? All of these are signs of a mold problem in progress.

3. If you see plaster or strips of paint peeling off of walls or ceilings, it may be due to moisture build up. Be sure to have a professional check it out.

Should you find any of these signs, we recommend you get an inspection done to test if there is a problem, as living in a home that does have mold can be detrimental to one’s health.

When one of our certified inspectors comes to your home, he will start with a visual inspection of the property. Noting down any possible problems that he sees, measuring moisture in each room, as well as looking for any problem areas.

The inspector will collect air and/or surface samples depending on what service you are looking for, those samples will be sent along with a full report to one of the third party labs that we work with.

Once those samples come back to us with the details of what was found, we will put together a comprehensive report for you, explaining in detail everything that was found and what our recommendations should there be an issue that was found.



This last month, we had Barry come out to our home, he was great with us and we greatly appreciate him taking the time to look all over the house to make sure everything was covered.  Thankfully the damage that was done during the thunderstorms didn’t cause any mold to start growing.  Thank you again Barry!
Margaret L

I wanted to reach out to you guys today thanking Brian for everything he did for me.  He was able to help me with working out the contract details with our renters to make sure everything was handled right, and thankfully I can walk away from this feeling much better about it. . and my renters are happy again 🙂 Thanks Brian.

Justin B


Sacramento Mold Inspection and Remediation


Sacramento Mold in the News


Antelope family hopes to keep $1.4 million award in toxic mold suit“- Sac Bee, December 11, 2014.

For any renters out there, be careful of possible mold contamination in a home. A local family in Antelope is suing their landlord for not taking care of the mold problem even when they had pre-existing medical conditions.

Black mold shuts down Lincoln elementary school” – KCRA 3 News, October 1, 2014.

A local elementary school is closed due to mold being found in testing done during remodeling in one of the buildings.  Because of the mold that was found, the school officials closed the school for a week to take care of the problem.  Thankfully the school took this precaution as you never know how mold will affect children that are exposed to it.

New $50 million claim hits BOE over mold-related illness” – Sacramento Business Journal, July 3, 2014.

You never can be too careful, even at your workplace. A new lawsuit is pending against the California Board of Equalization due to mold-related illnesses stemming from mold at the BOE main office.  A similar case was filed by a small group of employees 2 years prior that was settled.

Renter finds mushrooms, mold growing in carpet” – News 10 Sacramento, December 17, 2012.

A Sacramento woman has been having water leaks in her apartment for over a year, after which she found mold and mushrooms growing from the carpet of her bottom story apartment.

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