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Remediation services can also be provided by Indoor-Restore Environmental Service; a customized, pre-written mold remediation procedure along with an estimate for this service will be provided with your report if contamination is reported by the lab. We use a 5-step protocol for all of our remediation services, and we are the only company in the industry to offer a 10 year warranty for the work, once completed in full.


Step 1: Scheduling Your Work

Once your consultation is complete, and you are ready to schedule the work, simply send in a copy of your signed estimate and contact the office to arrange payment. We accept all forms of payment, except American Express, and have secure electronic options available to help expedite this process.   We will work with you, and your schedule, to get the work started as soon as possible. Most work can be completed within 2 business days (this timeline may vary depending on the actual work recommended).


Step 2: Starting Your Work – 5 Step Protocol

We employ a 5 Step Protocol for our remediation services, based off of EPA and CDC guidelines, as well as industry standards, and following OSHA guidelines for safety. The following outlines each step in our process:

  1. Pre-job Testing – On the scheduled start date of your remediation work, additional testing will be performed. This includes an inspection of non-prescribed work areas, and areas already outlined in the estimate. Prior to the start of remediation, samples (surface and/or air) will be taken in all non-work areas throughout the property, at no additional charge to the customer. These samples are sent to the lab for processing while your work is being completed. This pre-job testing is important because we must be sure we are completely eradicating mold from the home before a full clearance can be issued.
  1. Containment and Filtration – Each area of concern, as outlined in your estimate, will have a containment chamber set up with a decontamination chamber as needed for entrance into, and exit from, the contained areas. All workers will be outfitted in OSHA approved, full body Tyvek suits and face respirators with eye protection. Each area will have a minimum of one air scrubber/negative pressure air machine and one HEPA filter vacuum. All contained areas of concern will be air scrubbed for the duration of the project.
  1. Removal – All contaminated building materials will be bagged, sealed and discarded. All debris will be disposed of properly to meet all county and state laws.
  1. Cleaning – All exposed wood members and cavities will be sanded, scrubbed, wire brushed, and HEPA vacuumed as needed, and treated with a hospital grade biocide solution. All exposed inner-wall cavities and wood members will be coated with an anti-fungal encapsulant to prevent any future mold growth from occurring. All accessible hard surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, ledges) in the work area will be decontaminated (HEPA vacuumed, biocide treatments, antifungal agent wipes, etc.).
  1. Clearance Testing – Once all remediation is complete, clearance samples will be collected and laboratory analysis performed to ensure no further contamination is present. A clearance certification and 10 year warranty will be issued once all areas pass clearance testing.


Step 3: 10 Year Warranty

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers a 10-year warranty on all mold remediation services we conduct at your property. This warranty assures that mold will not recur to areas remediated by our company, under normal living conditions. We provide this to all of our clients to ensure the peace of mind they deserve, and to guarantee that the efforts executed by our technicians are of the highest standards and quality.

It is the responsibility of the client to repair all water intrusions and leaks immediately, so that no elevated levels of moisture exist; this can include: water leaks, water intrusion, and elevated humidity due to proximity to the ocean, etc. Any moisture issues not addressed immediately can void the warranty. If any mold growth occurs in the work areas, and no new or ongoing moisture issues are present, then continued remediation will be completed at no additional charge to the client.

Any new drywall, drywall mud, drywall tape, insulation, primer, and paint that is installed must have anti-fungal agents incorporated in them. These products contain specific chemicals that will resist mold growth for extended periods.