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Seattle Mold Inspection

For all of your concerns about mold and air contaminants in a home, IR Environmental is your go to service for all environmental needs in the Seattle area. With the ocean being just a few miles away, Seattle isn’t lacking for sources of moisture. All of the moisture in the air means there’s a great chance for your home to have a mold problem.

Everyone loves the smooth smell of the ocean breeze, but so does mold. That ocean breeze often carries a lot of moisture with it that, if it manages to make its way into your home, can allow mold to begin to grow out of control if it is not prepared for accordingly.

There are a couple simple things you can do to help in stopping a moisture intrusion from happening:

1. Regularly check window and sliding door seals to make sure they are holding up well and will not allow water vapor to enter the home when closed.

2. Check roofing and siding to make sure there are no open spots that may allow a leak to begin.

Should you find any of these things to have had a problem, your best option is to quickly get them fixed as well as get yourself a mold inspection performed by one of our certified mold inspectors.

All of our inspectors are certified and trained continuously so they can provide you with the best service possible. We can identify any problem areas for you during an inspection, and will gather samples for analysis by one of the top tier third party laboratories that we work with to help pinpoint a problem.

Once the lab has process the samples from your home, they will compile a complete analysis, which we’ll use to create a report for you. This report will detail the results of our testing for molds and other contaminants. With this information, we can begin to make a strategy to eliminate your mold problem.



It was so great to work with Kenny on our apartment complex, we had him come out to do an initial walk through of the property to identify any places of concern as well as some small testing to start out. He was such a help in figuring out exactly what was the most important things to take care of first.
Baron T

Thank you to everyone, I didn’t even end up needing an inspection, but everything you told me over the phone and helped me to figure out was so much help. It really did ease my mind with the whole situation we were having! Thanks!
Richard W



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