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Monterey Mold Inspection

Everyone loves Monterey. Sunshine, ocean, fun, what isn’t to like? Unfortunately for us, mold loves Monterey too. This is where IR Environmental comes in: we are here to handle all of your indoor environmental needs. We offer mold inspections, indoor air quality testing, water testing, along with many other services. All of these services are meant to aid you in keeping your home clean and healthy at all times, no matter how much moisture is in the air here.

When you walk outside, you can immediately feel the moisture in the air. While this can be refreshing, the bad part about that moisture is that it can easily comes into your home and can begin to grow mold if the right conditions arise. In order to prevent that from happening, you want to make sure of a few key things about your home to keep it healthy all the time.

1. Make sure you have proper ventilation in every room, allowing air to flow easily in and out of the room. A stagnant room with this must moisture in Monterey can quickly turn into mold heaven.

2. Make sure all of the exterior surfaces of your home are properly protected with sealants and siding, leaving no opening for moisture to invade and cause damage.

If you feel like your home has run into a moisture problem or could possibly have mold growth, feel free to give us a call and we will walk you through the process of getting an inspection done.

Our main priority is to take care of our customers, put their minds at ease again knowing that everything can be handled and will be handled appropriately to ensure their safety when dealing with a mold or airborne contaminant issue.



Nathan came to our home this past winter, he took a look through every room, even our attic and made sure that everything was in proper order. We just bought the home and wanted to be sure that we didn’t run into any issues in the future. Thanks for the big help Nathan, you were great!
Susie M


Monterey Mold Inspection and Remediation


Monterey Mold in the News


Asthma Visits Rising Among Kids in California Emergency Rooms” – Monterey Herald, June 9, 2015

Although asthma care has improved in recent years, the number of California children visiting the ER due to asthma is on the rise. It’s speculated that asthmatic children are triggered by dust, mold, or pets. Increases are being seen particularly in the Central Valley.

Monterey Property Manager Sued Over Black Mold at Former Fort Ord” – KSBW, November 16, 2012

Homes within The Parks at Monterey Bay home are reported to be infested with black mold, intensifying one child’s asthma and driving several families out of their homes. Mold covered entire walls and even contaminated one family’s food. The property manager is reported to have neglected the need for treatment.

Apartment Residents Protest Living Conditions” – Monterey Herald, July 19, 2012

Renters in a Monterey apartment complex are organizing against a landlord who has refused to treat poor living conditions such as mice and mold. The landlord promised upgrades, but only with a raise in rent. He has not followed through, however, and has opted to evict his tenants instead.

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