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San Jose Mold Inspection

There’s plenty going on in San Jose for its one million residents to keep themselves busy, whether you’re working or playing. And if you get tired of what’s in the city, you have the entire Bay Area to explore.

However, there are some tradeoffs for living in the midst of so many people so much ocean. The humid air that rolls in from the Bay can penetrate into the walls and ceiling of your home. The long history of San Jose means that many of its homes are older, and are especially at risk.

That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on your home to make sure that mold can’t get a foothold. And if you do spot mold, then it’s important to contact a professional immediately, which is where IR Environmental comes into play. We offer a range of mold testing and remediation services, so that you can get back to working, playing, and living as quickly as possible.

Here are a few things to look out for that might mean there is mold in your home.

1. Any signs of past flooding for water accumulation – Proper water damage remediation means getting rid of ALL materials that have been affected by flooding, water overflow, or moisture contact. If there is visible evidence that there was past flooding or water accumulation in your home, then that means that the issue wasn’t resolved completely in the first place, and you may have mold growing in your walls, floor, or ceiling.

2. Nagging coughs or allergy symptoms that get better when you’re away from home – Mold exposure can have a wide variety of health symptoms, most of them respiratory in nature. If it seems like your health takes a turn for the worse whenever you’re at home, then it may be that spore levels in the air in your home are especially high, due to mold growth.

3. Bubbling or peeling paint – If there are areas where paint appears to have bubbles or ridges forming beneath it, or has begun to peel away from the wall entirely, then it’s likely that the wall beneath is saturated with moisture, which in turn could mean there’s a serious mold problem hiding just beneath the paint.



Hello Nathan, we wanted to send you an update and thank you, since we got that mold problem taken care of, our son has really started to get back to normal. The sneezing and itching has stopped thankfully and he can go back to being a happy little guy again. Thanks again so much, you were huge help.
Mitchell O


San Jose Mold Inspection and Remediation


San Jose Mold in the News


Tenants Say Mold Problems Persist at Luxury South Bay Apartments” – 2 Investigates, KTVU News, May 6, 2015

Tenants in a San Jose apartment complex were forced to move due to a severe mold problem. Residents report that the last straw was when their belongings became covered in mold. An inspector who tested the mold found the results to indicate “elevated mold conditions.” Several tenants moved out of the building and began negotiating with management to cover losses.

San Jose Fire Station Closed Due to Mold Problem” –ABC 7 News, December 23, 2014

A San Jose fire station is discovered to house a severe mold problem, displacing its resident firefighters. The mold is thought to be dangerous and has forced officials to consider temporary housing and a long term plan. The station is thought to be closed for 6-8 months to clean up the mold.

Mold Concerns Force San Jose State University to Close Journalism Building” – NBC Bay Area News, August 26, 2014

Classes were forced to abruptly relocate to the student union ballroom on the first day of the new semester, due to an unexpected hiccup. San Jose State had to close its Dwight Bentel Hall, which houses the college’s School of Journalism after water damage was discovered. Investigators found evidence of a steam leak under the building, resulting in concerns about mold growth that could be hazardous to students and staff in the building.

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