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Winter storms can cause a lot of damage to our homes outside and inside.  A key way to prevent even more damage from occurring after the storm has come and gone is to do a check over the entire property for any unresolved issues or new issues that may have come up.


Here are some key things to look out for in and around your home that could help to stop any future damage from happening.


  1. Check all window and exterior door seals and jambs to make sure no water has intruded or there is any evidence of staining from water during the storm.
  2. Clear out all gutters of limbs and debris in order to make sure all of your gutters are working properly.
  3. Check the siding of the home for any holes or damage that may have been caused during the storm.
  4. Clean up yards to prevent drainage from being clogged, so that water can runoff as it should during the next storm.
  5. Check roof for any leaks or damage that may have happened during the storm, a roof leak can cause a lot of problems with water intrusion

Any of these possible problems can lead to serious problems down the road with water intrusion and possible indoor contamination.

Please consult a professional should you find any of these led or will lead to water intruding into the home.  A quick phone call can be the difference between a quick inspection and repair to thousands of dollars in damage due to an unfixed leak or damage.


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